Friday, March 28, 2008

The Last Days of 'Spring' Break

Well, Wednesday was icky, Thursday was sunny and cold and windy, Friday was back to the start of winter again. (hmmmm. That almost sounds like a Billy Joel song!)
Thursday we were tearing up the ceiling in the old house (we still haven't moved the awkward plant yet so we can fill in the 'cellar') and S realised that the panels were like the cards T used to make houses from. So, that is what J did.

Then, he decided to try and burn it.

But it collapsed and it was caught on film.

So, he tried another plan...and finally decided to make the ironclad. One of T's sturdiest designs.
This one was very well built and did NOT blow over and was satisfying to watch burn.

Then, it proceeded to snow on Friday and then it hailed. The stones were the size of peas!

This is a long post, but I imagine after the weekend, not much will be going on. At least, not much that is photograph worthy!!!

Book of the day: Dear Enemy by Jean Webster--Sequel to Daddy-Long-Legs. EXCELLENT Read!!!!!

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aksunflour said...

What old houses are you demolishing? We still haven't gotten any snow! But the temps are hovering around 35 F. So melting is incredibly slow.

Nice pictures of the ceiling tiles/cards stacking project.