Friday, March 07, 2008

G Notes

G notes are for Great Gilly-whopper Wonderful Things. OK, S still hasn't found a job. There are several out there and he has to choose. (I keep having flashbacks to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!!! 'Choose Wisely.') But, we may just be getting the internet in the next week or so. For me, that is totally wonderiffic! To be able to add photos to this be able to go online whenever I want...To be able to go internet shopping!!! (Well, not so sure about that!). Anyway, we have been internet hopeful before, so I am just waiting to see what happens.
T leaves next week for the sand and we are thinking of sending him another electronic toy. The DS Nintendo is my favorite at this time. The screen is small, but it is very user friendly.
J got cold feet as to his solo. He said it sounded better on an alto sax anyway. I was sad, but not too surprised. The trimester has ended and most of his grades are not too bad. Some are and some are not.
Am reading a new book by Robin McKinly (Beauty) and it is not too bad. A little confusing, but I would like to add it to my collection. It is called Dragonhaven and is about a refuge for dragons and all the hoopla there is in creating a refuge for creatures people don't believe exist..although, they really do. The dragons are either dangerous and need exterminated or they are rare and need protected, but you can't rescue and raise any orphans you find...

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