Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Whatevers

I so much wish I could write this from driving in my car. I have the best ideas there and don't remember them when I get home. How typical.

I wanted to metion to everyone a happy holy Easter week. This is my most favorite week of the year as Palm Sunday kicks off the whole reason for the existence and ultimately the death of Jesus. I was working with some kids the Sunday before last and we were talking about His arrival in Jerusalem. Jesus said the rocks would cry out if the people couldn't. Can you imagine that? If you were standing in the street and the rocks at your feet suddenly cried out 'Hosanna!' I have seen muppet rocks sing and tell bad jokes, but this is reality. How amazing is that?

Then, on Monday, we had another fun holiday. Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is a bio friendly day??? It's green!

J and I have been working on a project he is doing for US History. Pretty fun, but it would have been better if he had done it more spread out rather than most at once. It is almost done and is due on Thursday.

More scrappin' photos and one of our many really cool finds! We found most of two of those stoves. And for those who wondered. J is the fuzzy dark spot over the light looking spot near the scrap stuff out in the middle of the field. He is riding his motor bike.

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aksunflour said...

I love your photos! They are great for playing "I spy". Like I spied a really cool looking milk can! And DH spied that the car didn't have a cracked windshield- like all the cars up here have.

Check out my new Strange Stuff thing- let me know if you make it though.