Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hiking with Rifles--SUCCESS!

The boys started going out with Dad and Grandpa when they were small. Those weekends of deer season in Eastern Oregon still remain some of their fondest memories. Next year, we hope Tony will be home to hunt with Steve and Jon-
 The guys left near dark on Wed night to head to the ranch. There was a beautiful full moon, fresh from the eclipse that morning, welcoming them back.
 They woke to see the pale orb resting in a sea of morning blue and got themselves ready for another day of hiking with rifles.
 Which was pretty successful! The story (as I understand it) started with a discussion over hiking or driving. Jon wanted to hike, dad wanted to drive (there are a few years between them....). They drove, but  not for long. Jon saw some bucks, put together his home made shooting sticks (made from PVC pipe), and with one shot, took his deer out.
 Steve left the rig with Jon, who was working on his deer, and hiked a ways. A long ways. A very long ways. Jon watched him from where he was sitting with his scope. They called before 9 to say they had two deer and by noon they were getting ready to hang them in the shop. (it did take a while for Steve to get his deer out of the grassy canyon)

Because they have so much food (I made them a LOT of snacks!),
 they are going back up to camp for another night. And to look for the lost shooting sticks. (Steve borrowed Jon's creation to get his deer). Jon's pretty sure they are in the canyon they hiked in last weekend. Steve's not so sure. 

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