Thursday, October 02, 2014

cookies, tarts, and gooey bars!

October always reminds me of Breast Cancer Awareness. I thought it would be fun to make lingerie cookies to give away and help highlight the cause. They were a LOT of work. I'd not piped and flooded cookies before and royal icing is easy to use if you  have the right consistency of frosting AND the right tools! Which, I did not. However, I am not a professional nor was I paid to make them, so I think they turned out fairly well~~~

October 1 is also a friend's birthday and since her parents came to visit, I made banana tarts (well, some were just vanilla pudding, but still). I layered the bananas and the pudding til I got to the top and then glopped on the whipped topping. YUMMY! 

These were very easy and fun to make. Trying to place it on the blog was not fun. I cannot rotate the darn picture. However, these are Mud Hen Bars
They are delicious and messy and the link shows how to make them. There are a few recipes out there and the one I am sharing has GREAT pics and directions. Some differences,  I did NOT use the extra yolks in the crust since I used meringue powder (lots less work!) for the topping instead of egg whites. I also added more chocolate chips to the base and would have added vanilla if I had found this recipe before I used the one I did have. 
 The crusty brown sugar meringue topping does come off in the cutting..but you can just place it back on the bar. Unless of course, it isn't pretty enough and you have to eat it in order to find a better piece to use for your food porn photo op! I highly recommend making these as soon as you can! YUMMY gooey flavorful fun. (I reckon if you used butterscotch chips instead of chocolate, that may be pretty scrumptious as well!)

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Celia Rhodes said...

I'm glad I read this BEFORE I made Mud Hen bars; I have meringue powder on hand! As I recall, and as you pointed out, they're rather messy to make, but yummy.