Sunday, October 05, 2014

Hiking with Rifles-2014 (part 1)

Steve and Jon camped up on the ranch for this first weekend of deer season. They discovered the bus (the one they took up there as a 'camper') needs leveled, grouse is better when brined, and their was a distinct lack of bucks on the property. Jon did, however, shoot some great scenery. 
 This one with darks and lights I liked much better than Jon did. But, since I write the blog, he shared it with me.
 Jon took a few people photos this year. Most were of Steve in the grass, some were of other people hunting on the hill~

 They went to the Upper Place on Sunday and Jon got a grouse. Steve got one on Sat.
 They cooked the birds with these lovely snow apples and I was told they were VERY good.
 This was one of the few deer the guys saw this weekend. She had a fawn. They also found the dismembered and odd looking skeleton with intact head of a nice buck. Jon took a bunch of photos of it, but I didn't want to share those! They think it was a wolf kill. But, it is only speculation.
 Jon hiked into this canyon on Sunday. He looked it up on google earth and discovered it was a 745 feet vertical climb to get out. He was tired and thinking of hot showers the entire climb.
 View looking down into the river canyon-

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