Sunday, May 04, 2014

Alaska on Ice

This is Mum's little dog--it is supposed to be a miniature, but I'm not buying that supposition! His name is Obie. After Obiwan Kenobi.
 Egbert Lake is melting on the far side and on the edges a bit, but it is still sturdy enough to  hold mum's dog. She feels that it will be clear in 4 days.
 This is Janet's dog, Joule (or jewel).
 This is Janet's daughter, JaLeen-who is 9 and is collecting rocks.
 I found another heart rock. Small enough to bring home in my pocket! JaLeen found a heart rock and put it inside a heart shape out of sand.

No mountains today. However, the rocks out at Capt Cook are always interesting. 
Janet was able to stop and let me photograph a moose. She's not calved yet, as you can tell! Below is a young eagle we saw when we were hanging out on the beach. I wasn't sure what it was til I looked it up. Notice the HUGE talons and hooked beak.

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