Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny things are everywhere

You know, Dr. Suess wrote a great book about funny things being everywhere..not just on Jake's blogspot!!! (Check out the Stuffed DNA on one of her recent posts). They can be things or happenings and you just gotta laugh.

So, a funny thing that is recent. Very recent. S hasn't really lost his job, but he is not sure he wants to keep it. The shop where he is/was working is closing. The owner wants to move most of the mechanics to a shop in another city, but there was no discussion of pay or where they would work. It is already a very crowded shop. It has been an interesting experience being a part of a place that did their best to get him, promised him one thing and then gave him something else. Tillamook wants him back, but then we would be apart again....It is definitely bemusing. We will keep you posted as to what we are planning on doing now.

J still hasn't had his tryouts yet. Jazz band is a class that takes place on a day for 'special' classes, so when there are assemblies..well, they happen on those days. J said none of the other classes are Jazz band! he gets to go skiing again this weekend to make up for the aborted trip he went on a few weeks ago (they were stuck in traffic for three hours due to an accident).

Gardening here is uncertain now. Mostly because of where we may or may not be. I have never actually planted stuff in this zone. When we were here when T was born, we didn't have much garden that I remember. I think we borrowed the neighbor's! It would be fun to grow watermelons though!

Still reading the Joust books. Am halfway done.


aksunflour said...

So how does the Ford dealership in Soldotna look?

Please, Pretty PLEASE COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with sugar on top?

It is a big bummer that all this unfolds after you sell your place...we will pray for all of you guys.

aksunflour said...

just a random thought... Do you have the capital for S to open up his own shop?