Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a very short note

Thank you for all the prayers for Tony. He really appreciates them and just keep praying. He is supposed to be in a training this week.
Athena has been hammered by snow and ice, pretty fun in a very cold sort of way. I made a lumpy snowperson today while playing with the dog. (I will have scads of photos to load on here when we finally get the internet again!!)
J will be 14 years old pretty soon. Me, well, I will be older, too. S and I are a bit sick, the varied temps and the dry air I think are playing havoc with our systems. I guess we are used to the Oregon coast.
Book of the day: Patricia Wrede's Mairlon the Magician duo and a trio by Mercedes Lackey and someone else. I will write more on them later (after I read them).

Jake wanted 7 random facts. Well, let me think. A random fact is something that is true and yet well, random. OK, 1) I like dill pickles and peanut butter on wheat bread. 2) I used to detest chocolate. 3) I don't like driving (you can pay less attention when you are a passenger). 4) I enjoy reading coookbooks almost as much as my sister (but, I don't take them to the bathtub!). 5) I need a nap. 6) I put cinnamon in almost everything I cook. 7) I like real kettle korn (Papa Llama's from Tillamook, Or)

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aksunflour said...

Good your Birthday present should be getting to you soon!

And as for reading in the bath- I also take the laptop with me into the bath!