Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A quick note

So, for this run of staccato notes, I now have T's address!!!!! It is:
PFC Hansell, Stephen
CMR 411 Box 2074
APO AE 09112
Many of you will also get this along with a photo of T to hang on your wall..just so you can remember what he kind of looks like. I say, kinda, because a friend sent a video of a musical program he participated in last spring and he looked VERY different. The photo will also help you remember to pray for him. His orders, last we heard, were changed so that he will be heading off to the sand in mid Feb and not early March, as we had thought.
On another note, we think we found a house. It is in Helix, Oregon. We will let you know how that goes. I am too nervous to say more at this time. It may or may not pan out. (Sorry, that was a very obvious statement!).
It is super cold here with snow. This am it was 10 above and now it appears to be around 28..in the sun!
The last note today, we don't have the internet yet. The wireless thing from Qwest was a bad idea. It worked not at all. Verizon was better, but not much! So, we will have to look at a satt dish if we stay here..if we move to Helix, they have internet at the house we looked at!
Book of the day: Something else by Grace Livingston Hill. I need some warming bubble gum type books at this time!!!


aksunflour said...

T is frequently being prayed for at our church. good luck w/the house.

Will send your b-day present as soon as I can get to the P.O.

aksunflour said...

You have been tagged!