Sunday, March 05, 2017

Snow Niece!

OK, this first one isn't my niece, but it is VERY cute snow. Loved how his antlers turned into a sort of a curl! I took his nose and smile off before we left the house, but his picture will last for always! 
Lee, Janet, and JaLeen brought mom her dog, Obi. Mum was very glad to have her dog home, Mittens comes back on Tuesday. JaLeen played in the snow for a bit, so I took some pictures. I had thought about it earlier, but well, I don't have snow gear and that wind made it really cold! She looked like she enjoyed herself-the neighbors were out on snowmachines, too! They didn't manage to stay in the range of my camera so I could have both kinds of sleds in the photos I was taking. No matter, they'll be back!
This first picture made me laugh. She tripped into the snow as I snapped the photo  thru the glass. You can see her hair is flipped up as she dropped down. 

 She often turns from the camera as the photos are taken. But, I got a good one later on!!!!

 See??? Snow Niece!!!!!! What a cutie pie. Thank you for letting me watch you play in the snow today, JaLeen!!!!

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