Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Stuffing Burgers

In the name of experimental dinners and the cheeseburger devotions I am working on for a friend, I opted to try putting veggies in a cheeseburger. Jon was absolutely unimpressed, but took photos for me anyway. I used Coppock burger (4 pounds, I don't often use that much, but this was for a special occasion!) with about an eighth of a cup of Worcestershire sauce and a healthy double shake of a pepper seasoning I found in the cupboard. 

 I have made stuffed burgers before (Bacon Turtles), but not with veggies. I used one of my all time ever favorite recipes from Skinnytaste, with adaptations. For the inside part of the burger (it appears even the birds like it!!) I grated zucchini and carrot, added shredded cojack cheese, and one egg and mixed it thoroughly. I have this handy little burger making form with the name Tupperware on it. I didn't fill it to the top because I needed two, but it makes a great shape for patties!

 I put a smear of catsup on top with a couple of bits of bacon (yeah, it was already cooked, but it still worked!). Popped them in the oven (covered) at about 425 for 35 minutes. (the cheesy french fries took LONGER!)

A slice of Tillamook cheddar was added to the top later. Jon, after his earlier skepticism, was really impressed and ate TWO! The leftover stuffing I added about 1/4 of bread crumbs to and cooked that as a patty. (I much prefer those tots as patties, great to reheat for lunches!)
I realise this is not organised as to how much of the different ingredients you might need. I didn't measure anything and the only items I know were absolutely the proper amounts are the egg and the burger. However, it was yummy and not as much work as I thought it would be! If you opt to try it, have fun!!!

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