Monday, July 16, 2012

Spray Painting Space!

Sally Sundin, a retired Elm Ed teacher who loves to teach kids about reaching beyond themselves, came to the library to share a project with us. She had done this with many different ages and was excited to bring it to our town. What is it, you ask? Spray painting shapes on a canvas. Simple and stunning! 
 Prep work was the hardest part. We made sure all the cars were moved away, put down tarps and made sure we had garbage cans available. We had many different colors and choices for paint and we were excited to see what the kids would create.

 First, Sally suggested the kids choose a shape. There were several round containers and some space shapes. Once the shape was chosen, the kids sprayed one color on their canvas which was about the same size as the shape. Then, they added another color and for planets, it was suggested to put white on top. It looked like a goopy mess of color until the kids got a wadded paper towel to daub in the goo. After it was daubed to their satisfaction, the artist put their shape on TOP of the mess. Then, they sprayed black spray paint around their shape. It was magical what was revealed when the shape was removed!

 Some of the kids got a little too much paint on their canvas, but the best part of art is there are NO mistakes! After the initial project was dry, the kids then got to add comets of various color by putting the can tip down on the board and pushing on the can's bottom. A spritz of color makes a super comet shape!
This was an incredible project and you don't need to use a fancy canvas like we did. Sally used whatever paper she had around and one of her demonstration sheets was on the back of a huge out dated calendar!

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