Monday, July 16, 2012

Caledonian Weekend

The second weekend in July is set aside for Caledonian Days. This year our parade went a different route, but it started with a color guard and one of the Athena fire trucks. 
Pipe and Drum bands are very popular during this weekend and our Tiger-Scots play, too.
Pendleton Round-Up ALWAYS brings a crew over to advertise the up and coming Round-Up. I am always impressed by the tiny ones riding in the parades. 

 This young lady is AMAZING. She is a dancer and I've been fortunate to see  her every year. I love to watch her dance and her smile just makes you want to smile back!
 This chain mailed gentleman is actually someone we know! He is the man who helps facilitate Eagle Scout applications in our district. However, we didn't recognize Dale til Sunday when we saw him sitting in a booth before church. It appears this particular clan, and I don't recall what name it had, saved a king. They are always a draw since they have the best weaponry and costuming!

 Jonathan was in the last truck. He didn't even get to toss any candy!
Sunday morning, the churches get together and have a service in the park. They introduce any clans who may be in attendance and it is a fun gathering.

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