Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Birthdays!

Tony's birthday was first and his cake was NOT what I envisioned. I had this idea of a chocolate poke cake with fudge frosting. Unfortunately, that didn't work like I'd planned. It was incredibly tasty, though! We missed him very much and had Tillamook ice cream-Udderly Choclate. 

Steve's birthday was on Friday the 13th. I saw this cake on a FB post which was also from someone's Piniterest page. At any rate, the thing I saw was a bowl made from Kit Kats and filled with M&Ms. I didn't have any round cake pans (I found out later where I could get some!), but made do with square. I didn't want to just have candies, so made the cake. It didn't quite fill the Kit Kat 'bowl' up, so I had to add a few cuppy cakes before adding the M&Ms. It had 12 Kit Kat bars (or  4 giant ones) and 14 oz of M&Ms. There was a LOT of chocolate. 


Steve was suitably impressed and Jonathan suggested it resembled a fort and needed plastic civil war soldiers. The cupcakes on top were added only to  hold candles. The red ones are 10's and the blue and green candles are ones. You can do the math!

 I was pretty impressed. I had several not so sweet alternatives to this birthday cake for our visitors, but NO ONE chose a less caloric dessert! And, except for Steve's mom, everyone either ate the whole thing or took some home. (actually, Cyndi and I did have something else, but we are watching what we eat)
All in all, it was a pretty messy cake to make for a summer dessert. Most of the Kit Kats have my fingerprints on them! (clean, of course!) It was a triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting and mini chocolate chips in between the layers. Major carb overload! Lots of fun, though, and I'd like to try it with other flavors of candies. (If you google Kit Kats, Japan has some very unusual tastes!)

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