Sunday, August 17, 2008

Working on the house

I forgot the camera so I wasn't able to get pix of what S has done this weekend. Which is a ton. The next shots will be of the done work..with the sheetrock on it. Here is the rather messy kitchen.

This is the sink by the window again and above the door to the laundry room. S has to 'fix' it all for the sheet rock to go around properly. Very frustrating. The last one is the new doorway to the dining rom. Tonight he worked on rewiring the kitchen.

And here is the light switch I made. J smashed the shells and drew the tops, I glued and colored it all in.
Reading the Anne books. Also melting. It has been very hot here. But, it is hotter in Iraq! If I keep telling myself that, it helps make it more bearable! Right now it is 97 degrees and 11 pm.

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Mrs. Henderson said...

I got a little confused on responding to your auditorium comment so here's my response:

Finished???!!! Not a chance. There were 2 engineers involved that couldn't agree on the best way to fix it. They did nothing for 2 months and just started working 3 days ago.

We've had to reschedule all auditorium events (concerts, Monday Musical events, etc.) through January 2009. Keep us in your prayers. Concerts any other place just isn't the same. I think we'll be having the Fall and Winter Concerts in the cafeteria! I'll be posting it all on the choir site, so stay tuned. Hi to Jonathan and Tony!! --Mrs. Henderson

3:34 PM