Monday, May 22, 2017

A week in review-

OK, Moses isn't in the week. He wanted to be!! He does enjoy sitting on bags which people are trying to pack..or IN them! I think this was from when Steve was headed to a retreat. Moses is such a cutie! 
Steve was the chauffeur this week. I've had the privilege of experiencing this off and on while here these last months. It is a wonderful feeling! Especially if I get to sit in the front passenger seat!So, Steve took Mum to her preop appointment and then her surgery appointment. She may not have been knocked out for it and she may have two lines of vertical stitches to Steve's single horizontal one, but Mum got a fire drill!!! Thankfully, it was before the surgery started and was an alarm triggered by a drop in water pressure in the building. 
Steve did a LOT of chores around the house. Alas, we had talked about him changing the light above the stairs and didn't actually get it done because it was still working. The night of the day he left, it went out. 
 He also tidied up Mum's grill and cooked pork chops for lunch. We made burger dogs for dinner (next post!).
 He washed Mum's rig and wished I had told him about the mirror being gone. He'd have ordered one down there and fixed it for her.
 It rained much of the week, so tidying dad's shop and resting were pretty much the thing to do. He was sore from his surgery and so we got lots of time to sleep. Often Mum's was a House of Naps! (does anyone remember that story? Audrey Wood's, The Napping House) On Saturday, we went to see 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' and then visited Dad.

 Later, Mum went to bed early and Steve and I rushed to watch the sunset. We almost missed it, we should have left just before 1030 and decided where we were going. We got to see it nestle into the mountains from Capt Cook State Park.

 The next morning, Steve finished up packing and a couple of other things. I didn't get my hair brushed, but he didn't notice.
And then, he drove thru the rain to Anchorage and finally got back to WW, where Jon picked him up late in the night. I hope he enjoyed himself. I know I did! 

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