Friday, April 03, 2015

Day 2 of Locust Trimming

I took 57 photos and it was difficult to choose which ones to share. The first photo is from December 2014. This is one of the few pics I have of the second tree that was trimmed (this is the tree Brian trimmed with the aid of the truck). 
 Equipment in the yard prior to use.
 Kila was fascinated with the entertainment our tree guy provided. Much more fun than watching birds!
 The following are pics from the trimming of the first locust, the tree next to the little house. Until he started removing limbs and branches, I had no idea how much was really dead up there. He also discovered one of the scars is most likely from a lightening strike! They are old trees and the strike was from years ago, but it did startle me!

 I believe these are from the second tree. After he finished the first one, his assistant remarked, "now it looks like a tree!" she was absolutely right!
 This tree was a bit scarier to watch him trim as he needed to use Twister moves. Some of these whippy branches were tangled together tighter than a hair knot in a restless toddler's tresses.

 As the trimming went on, the yard began to resemble something out of Snow White. I need to get one more photo of the mess back there before we get it all tidied up!

 Finished and ready for Easter! These locust trees put on their dress last and are now ready for spring. Lovely work done by a wonderful couple of people.

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