Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dayton, WA- All Wheels Weekend Part 2

All Wheels Weekend Saturday ended with a demo derby. Being a fan of the Tillamook County Fair derby, we were a bit skeptical. But, we were pleasantly surprised. For $10 a head we got a super impressive 3 and half hour show! They did a lot of heat races, which sounded boring since the track wasn't very large. However, they were anything BUT~The cars were raced over and over and over and they basically took each other out if they could. The Dayton Fire Fighters and EMTs took to the track several times. No one was hurt, but it made for a great show. 

 These two photos here are favorites-most of the cars that tipped were just tipped back over on their wheels and then they drove off. As the announcer said, the drivers had 'their bell rung.' I'm sure some are pretty sore today, but hopefully a few have some extra cash!
 Jon took videos, which were loud and dusty. I'd love to post one..I'll have to figure out how to do that. The demo derby consisted of three derbies. A small car one (which the cars above may have crashed in--I sort of lost track!), a truck derby (an old Ford, a middle aged Chevy, and a Dodge. The Dodge was hammered, but won..only cuz the Ford was pushed onto the cement guard and couldn't get off of it..and he lost a wheel! It was noted as the Ford drove off, put a new tire on that baby, punch out the door, and she'll run again! The Dodge..probably not!). , and then a regular car derby. I believe the green car above won that. The red and yellow car came VERY close, though!  As you can see fans were of all ages~And you can also tell it was HOT!!!!!!

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