Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Arness Dock in October

Mum wanted to visit the beach today. Obi was just excited to go somewhere! It was very nice, almost warm, at Arness Dock. The tide was out a bit and the water was calm. A perfectly lovely hour next to the Inlet. 

 Obi has a thing about waves. He absolutely must bark at them. I reckon he doesn't like how they keep moving and he can't do a thing about it!
 Mum was quite a ways down the beach. I stayed closer to the car.
 Mum picked up lots of loot!!! Rocks of all kinds-Obi just barked.
 Adding a picture of me. Steve made a comment that photographers don't often show up in photos, so I figured I should put one in.

 This rock had a face. I'm not sure you can see it. I almost stepped on it and was a bit startled!
 Mum's rock haul.

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