Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another Nook

I love quiet private nooks. I've been attracted to them since I was a young child. I'd hide in out of the way places with books, finding special spots no one else knew about. Living on the Oregon Coast, my entire back yard was in an out of the way spot. I wanted to make a haven in Eastern Oregon, I think it is almost ready. The ladybugs have always liked it, I hope people will, too! 
 It has taken several trials to get the place where I kind of like it. The photo below was taken in April of 2014. It has grown a lot since then.
In 2011 Jon, for one of his Eagle badges, created a pond/stream ecosystem for the yard. Eventually, we blocked up the stream and turned it into a dry creek bed. The locusts and chokecherry were too much work for this lazy mom!!!!! Those leaves, berries, and blossoms were a pain to dig out from the rocks in the stream. The pond is more than enough and you can see how small it is. 

The pink bathtub I wanted to put strawberries or petunias in has evolved to a container over which the hops grow. And the cute stairway to nowhere is perfect for the cats. (the photo below was a few years ago)
This year, after I made the garden bling with the space theme, I decided to take out a part of the chokecherry tree/bush thing. I had to be careful. I wanted to protect what little of the spice bush plant there is. Last year, this plant still had several flowers on it. This year, there were none. (photo taken in 2010)

 I used several dead lilac branches while I was putting my ideas in order. They add definition, are easy to find, and help hold different kinds of things. I used one above a fairy garden, I'll probably add metal butterflies or flowers. My garden needs more things in it for young visitors to play with.
 I also used a branch to help hold up the plant in the blue bucket. Rose Campion gets really tall and leggy. When it is planted in groups, they hold each other up. This pot has a single large bunch and needed help showing off.
 The birds love places to sit. I've had a LARGE  lilac piece since 2008 which was just sitting in the garden. Steve hung the feeder Jon got me this spring over the branch, marrying the two nicely.  I especially appreciate the seeds falling into a dead area of the yard. Not much grows in this spot, so it is ok to have it littered with seed.
 All in all, I'm pleased with how things are turning out in my backyard. I like the peace found in the colors and the privacy.  The quiet burble of the water in the pond paired with birdsong make a perfect spot to read or take a nap on the grass if I want!

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