Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canola fields outside of Weston-

SNOW!!!!!!!!!! And a great place to stop and have lunch. Jon's burger was impressive and  the Sasquatch stories were fun as well!
 A rather pretty old building in Elgin-Lovely reconstruction. And yes, you are not imaging it. Gas really was this price up in the mountains! Below is a cool photo mum took-the contrast between the old small place and the newer ones in back was interesting.
Mint fields as far as the eye can see--in a few weeks the scent will be overpowering!

 Probably the loveliest rest stop in Oregon. Well, except for the few dead trees and the small weeds that will be HUGE unless they get taken care of soon! On the way to Pendleton from La Grande, this is well worth the jag off the beaten path.

The butterflies were out in force this day. We saw three different kinds, including a Fender Blue--which was thought to be extinct until the 1980s.  We even saw some elk and a fairly new calf.

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